No Waiting! Virtual GENESYS Delivers Sample 24/7

Virtual GENESYS (VG) is a cloud application that provides access to our suite of sampling solutions. Virtual GENESYS is an intuitive real-time application and a valuable tool for today's researcher. Virtual GENESYS provides full design capabilities including a wide variety of geographic and/or demographic targets. Sample frames can be defined by any level of geography (postal or census) from Census Block up to National. Virtual GENESYS gives you access to:

Address-based Samples
Landline & Cellular RDD
Listed Household Samples

Virtual Genesys is a more convenient, flexible, and cost effective approach to sampling. A single link provides access to a common user interface that allows users to select between the different sample types available. Sample generation is a real-time process and users receive email notification when their sample files are ready to be retrieved.