Every MSG team member brings years of unique and varied experience and expertise that come together to deliver our mission to create value for MSG clients. Find the team member you need to help you.


  • Srinath

    Srinath Sankar


    As Sr. VP of Product Development Srinath oversees the development and implementation of the company’s enterprise technology products. Always customer focused, Srinath and his team of engineers have built complex high scale solutions for our customers’ business processes.

    In his off time, Srinath enjoys cricket, spending time with family, and riding his motorcycle.

  • Susan

    Susan Emery

    Executive Vice President, Marketing & Communications

    Susan has been with the company since 1990. She started in customer service and is now a key member in driving the company’s direction and new product development vision.

    Susan enjoys spending time with her family and pets and can usually be found at one of her sons' sporting events.

  • Mansour

    Mansour Fahimi Ph.D.

    Executive Vice President, Chief Data Scientist

    As Executive Vice President and Chief Data Scientist, Dr. Mansour Fahimi oversees the Advanced Analytics and Methods department. Being a strategic visionary, Mansour’s focus is improving the inferential integrity of our online sampling product umbrella, creating high-efficiency project solutions, and enhanced analytical services.

    Mansour has deep interests in social sciences: history, psychology, and literature.

  • Gerry

    Gerry Holzbaur

    Chief Technology Officer

    Gerry co-founded Marketing Systems Group in fall of 1987. Gerry was an innovator who architect the Genesys RDD sampling system. Through the years Gerry has taken on more technical roles involving internal and external products and services.

    Gerry enjoys riding his motorcycle and spending time with his family.

  • Dave

    David Malarek

    Executive Vice President, Sampling & Data Services

    David has been with Marketing Systems Group since its founding. Initially David developed and supported the Genesys sampling products. He has since shifted his focus to special projects and new product development.

    David enjoys wildlife photography, gardening, and other outdoor activities.

  • Jeff

    Jeff Palish

    Executive Vice President, Strategic Growth

    Jeff has the distinction of having worked for multiple AUS companies. He began in 1998 as a project director at one of our sister companies and over the years has moved to overseeing sales and marketing at Marketing Systems Group where he now serves as Sr. Vice President.

    Jeff likes to mountain bike, listen to music and garden.

Customer Success & Engagement

  • Rick

    Rick Eisenberg

    Senior Director, Strategic Growth - Americas

    Rick started with MSG in 2012 and is a global account executive responsible for sales of our ARCS, PROT-S and U-Dial technology solutions.

    Rick enjoys playing hockey with his sons, walking his dog in the park with his wife, travelling, riding his motorcycle, or grilling something delicious.

  • Murtuza

    Murtuza Viramgamwala

    Director Strategic Growth - EU/APAC

    Murtuza Viramgamwala started as Director for Strategic Growth at MSG with a mission to expand MSG's reach in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

    Murtuza, when not on business travels, lives with his family in London and he enjoys hiking, swimming, and a good cup of coffee.

  • Raj

    Raj Bhai

    Senior Director, Strategic Growth - Data Solutions

    Raj joined MSG in 2003 as a Production Assistant and is currently an Account Executive, helping clients with sample design and methodology. Raj is an active industry member including serving as President of both local chapters of AAPOR and the Insights Association.

    Raj enjoys travelling to distant lands with his wife and being a comedian for his two children.

  • Hillary

    Hillary McDonough

    Director Strategic Growth - Data Solutions

    Hillary McDonough began with Marketing Systems Group in 2008 as a Production Assistant and is currently an Account Manager. Her knowledge of technical processes and databases help her consult with and offer clients the best sampling approach for their projects.

    Hillary enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

  • Steven

    Steve Dintino

    Senior Research Advisor

    Steven began employment at Marketing Systems Group in 2000. He started in the Production department and is now the Manager of Account Services and is responsible for overseeing the Account Manager team.

    In his off time, Steven enjoys playing ice hockey.

  • Janet

    Janet Malofiy

    Research Advisor

    Janet has been a part of the MSG team since 2004 and has held several roles allowing her to see the statistical sampling industry from multiple perspectives. Currently as an Account Manager she handles a broad spectrum of projects and consults with many clients.

    Janet enjoys and spends most of her spare time German folk dancing, entertaining family and friends, skiing and traveling.

  • Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Nelson

    Research Advisor

    Elizabeth began working with MSG in 2004 as a Production Assistant and is currently a senior Account Manager. In addition to commercial clients, Elizabeth has specialized in supporting BRFSS and social science projects.

    Elizabeth loves going for long walks, reading, and travelling.

Product Development & Delivery

  • Reggie

    Reggie Blackman

    Vice President, Customer Success

    Reggie has been employed with MSG since 1992. He began his MSG career as a custom database developer, and is now VP of Software Development, supporting most of MSG’s major products.

    Reggie enjoys family time, watching sports, reading computer magazines or comics, and singing with the chorus at his church.

  • Prakash

    Prakash Ramachandran

    Director of Engineering

    Prakash Started with MSG in 2019 and is the Director Of engineering for the ARCS research Operation platform. He is passionate in building complex, highly scable enterprise applications.

    In his offtime Prakash is a sports fanatic and enjoys playing Cricket, Tennis and Badminton.

  • OBrian

    O'Brian McSwiggin

    Senior Implementation Engineer

    O’Brian has been working at Marketing Systems Group since 2004 on the ARCS team. He started as a Technical Support Engineer and has grown to Senior Implementation Engineer.

    O’Brian enjoys the outdoors, riding his bike and running whenever possible.

  • Liz

    Elizabeth Colangelo

    Research Panel Operations Specialist

    Liz started with the Marketing Systems Group in 2021 as a Research Panel Operations Specialist. Prior to joining MSG, she was an ARCS user for over 12 years.

    Liz enjoys traveling and spending time with her family and friends.

  • Barb

    Barbara Nye

    Customer Success Manager

    Barb started with Marketing Systems Group as Customer Success Manager in October of 2016. After using ARCS in the Market Research industry for over 15 years, she now aids others in using it.

    Barb enjoys sports and the outdoors; from watching hockey, to snowmobiling and officiating soccer.

  • Christian

    Christian Benson

    Product Implementation Specialist

    Christian has been employed with MSG since 2008. He began as a Tier III Technical Support Representative and is now Tier I Technical Support and a Tier II Implementation Specialist for all MSG product offerings.

    In his off time, Christian has an avid interest in potential science and technology; and enjoys thinking about how to make current fiction reality.

  • Tom

    Tom Evans

    Product Support

    Tom has been employed with MSG since 2006. He began as ARCS Junior Technical Support and is now responsible of reviewing all technical support tickets.

    In their free time, Tom and his wife enjoy riding motorcycles and are devoted youth leaders at their local ministry.


  • Gavin

    Patrick McCaffrey

    Vice President, Administration

    Patrick joined MSG in 1999 as an administrative assistant and is currently Vice President of Administration managing MSG's daily business operations.

    Patrick enjoys coaching his children in youth sports, camping, playing baseball and spending time with friends and family.

  • Gavin

    Gavin Kelly

    Director, Operations Management

    Gavin joined the company in 1998 where he began as a Production Associate. He soon took charge of all screening options including ID PLUS, GENESYS CSS and Cell Wins and is currently Director – Operations Management.

    Gavin enjoys skiing, Disc Golf and the films of Hayao Miyazaki.

  • Kate

    Kate Caceres

    Social Science Coordinator

    Kate began with Marketing Systems Group in 2007 as a Production Assistant and is now a Social Science Coordinator. One of her main responsibilities is managing the production of the CDC BRFSS study.

    Kate is a die-hard Red Sox fan and enjoys family time with her family and pets.

  • Megan

    Megan Citro

    Director, Research Administration

    Megan originally started with MSG in 1997 as a Production Assistant and has held various roles in the production and sales departments over the years. Megan has recently returned to the MSG team after some years working in education. She is currently Director of Research Administration, assisting both with administrative as well as production tasks.

    Megan enjoys traveling, especially on cruises, reading and spending time with her family.

  • Samuel

    Samuel Somasundaram

    Director, Information Technology

    Samuel as the Director of Information Technology oversees all of the company's IT systems and infrastructure. He is passionate about cybersecurity.

    In his off time, Samuel enjoys spending time with family, watching sports, and maintaining his fish aquarium.

Advanced Analytics / Methods / Geodemographic Services

  • Tracie

    L. Tracie Yancey

    Senior Director, Product Management – Data Services

    Tracie brings a wealth of expertise from her previous role at The Nielsen Company, where she was Director, Data Science. Her background in all aspects of data science (sampling, mixed mode recruitment, process improvement, and analytics) for the media industry, positions her well for her role at MSG. Tracie holds a BS, Statistics from Florida State University.

    Tracie enjoys spending time with her family including 2 cats, gardening, and learning to cook Asian food.

  • Dennis

    Dennis Dalbey

    Manager, Geodemographic Services

    Dennis has been manager of the geodemographic department since joining MSG in 2006. He is responsible for ensuring the uniformity, accuracy, and integrity of all geodemographic data, processes, products, and deliverables.

    In his off time, Dennis enjoys spending time with his family.

  • Nathan

    Nathan Bordy

    Senior Geodemographer

    Nathan has been employed with MSG since 2007 and started as a Geodemographer. Nathan is now a Senior Geodemographer and is responsible for geocoding and database management.

    Nathan enjoys traveling and spending time with his family and friends.

  • In Memory of Ashley Hyon

    Vice President, Research & Survey Methods

    Ashley has been with Marketing Systems Group since 1997 and is currently the Vice President of Research and Survey Methods. Having over two decades of survey research experience gives Ashley the expertise to deliver complex and effective solutions to her customers. Ashley has a M.S. in Survey Research from the University of Connecticut.

    When not busy baking with her daughter, Ashley can be found binge watching Korean dramas.