PreVision™ is a comprehensive online ecosystem. Our survey research experts provide a complete sequence of services, starting with securing samples from probability and nonprobability panels to providing weighting and calibrations solutions uniquely developed for samples with representational challenges.

Survey Sampling is Evolving

Time for a reality check: the old-school survey research paradigm was developed based on a number of assumptions that are becoming exceedingly difficult to fulfill. How do we adapt to the changed landscape without compromising the principles of representative sampling, diligent survey administration, effective data analysis, and coherent interpretation of results to produce actionable intelligence?

The new realities of the 21st Century poses a set of growing challenges that require thinking outside of the traditional survey sampling toolbox. While the fundamental principle stays the same – minimizing the so-called Total Survey Error – researchers are now in need of pragmatic alternatives that do not compromise quality and rigor.

As the leading provider of traditional sampling solutions that have served the industry for decades, Marketing Systems Group is now your one-stop shop for modern sampling alternatives that employ the latest online techniques.