Olà is an add-on visitor management solution that enhances the ARCS platform, allowing the front desk to be one of the most efficient points in your company. With enhanced quota management, customizable branding, visitor badges and more, Olà allows you to track the details of all visitor activities from a centralized location. No more messy spreadsheets and trackers.

Unlimited Visitor Check-In

Welcome your participants with a kiosk based self-sign-in that takes just moments to use. It supports your commitment to safety, security and the privacy of your visitors' personal information while delivering an exceptional arrival experience.


Based on participant’s schedule, they are pre-registered for the day and session.

NDA & Privacy

Along with the sign-in, you can ask your participants to sign NDA’s to meet any confidentiality requirements.

Visitor Badges

Print visitor badges with personalized data about each participant as part of the check-in process.

Tracking & Reporting

  • Management can get an in depth view across all active research studies. With the Olà dashboard, quickly understand the effectiveness of your recruitment campaign and how required study quotas are being met.
  • View visitor activity in real-time.
  • Access emergency evacuation lists.

Handle the Curve Ball With Olà

  • Notify Administrative staff of last minute cancellations and participant replacement requirements.
  • Allow for self-check-in or optional receptionist check-in based on desired workflow.
  • Trigger custom workflow automation to maintain internal process requirements.


Fast 24/7 access to the status of your study and quotas via web browsers.


Monitor all locations across your enterprise from a centralized web management system.


Customize the logo, welcome message, NDA, or any consent form that you may require.


Capture sign-ins, print badges, and track traffic flowing through your facility to create a safer workplace for visitors and employees.


Store a complete visitor log along with real time profile demographics, contact information, and activity charts, among other details.