ARCS® provides your panel members with an engaging experience to self-schedule and respond to studies while improving your operations' efficiency. ARCS panel management platform helps you find and qualify the right people, schedule them for studies, and optimize panel engagement.

Manage Participation & Engagement

The ability to manage and maintain "highly engaged" participants is key to successful study completion. With access to ARCS' engaging member portal, you can easily manage participants to schedule them for studies, conduct screeners and surveys, and build profiles. The tools provided also allow you to control communication frequency while empowering your participants to decide how they would like to engage.

Reward Your Participants

ARCS can help you create your custom incentive program with gift cards, products, or points. The system’s tools can automate reward management while retaining full control of incentives.

ARCS Cloud

Businesses face new priorities every day. Whether it be an increasing need to deliver projects quickly, improving panel engagement, or better tracking of internal resources, the ARCS Cloud enables your organization to build, manage, and engage your panel with a set of industry leading tools quickly, easily and economically.

Your reliability and data security are our top priorities!

  • Nationally recognized data center for worry-free reliability
  • Redundant power (your data will never go down)
  • Climate-controlled environment
  • No more hardware-maintenance woes
  • Bandwidth provided with hosting
  • SAS 70 certified – your electronic data is safe and secure

ARCS Consulting Services

Our consulting services are designed to help clients use ARCS to achieve their research process goals.

Help Service - Many clients have one in-house "super user" who is responsible for managing ARCS. When this "system manager" becomes unavailable, we can offer customized contracting services as a back-up. Marketing Systems Group can supply an on-site or off-site consultant to assist and maintain your ARCS system for the short or long term.

Process Consulting - When you want to simplify and improve your market research panel management or data collection processes, we can provide the analysis and expertise you need.

Technology Consulting - As an enterprise we understand that you may want more out of ARCS to address your business needs. We have experience working with organizations of different levels to customize ARCS and integrate the platform into internal systems to achieve greater efficiency.

"ARCS does everything I need it to"
"I use [ARCS] to recruit subjects for clinical trial and this software does it all. I can program the questionnaire and disqualify subjects on any question. I can recruit with a pool or I can do simple data collection. If i need something specific that I cannot figure out on my own or with the help of the extensive online resources, I get very quick support from the team."
Gerold M.
Recruitment Supervisor, Research
"Professional, State-of-the-art recruiting software that has helped our company Grow and save money!"
"We saved on recruiting time and on costs. We were able to fill our clinical studies in half the time and keep up to date records for all the volunteers that are currently registered. It is easy to use for both staff and subjects."
Barrie D.
COO, Research
  • Real Time Results

    Access your survey results real time.
  • Scheduling

    Manage scheduling from simple sessions to complex quota based controls.
  • Communities

    Create community-based studies within your research panel to improve engagement and gain more insights.
  • Reporting

    From simple data table extracts to customizable reports and charts, ARCS lets you create and control what data you would like to view.
  • Workflow & Automation

    From simple birthday wishes to customized business workflows, automate your processes and supporting communications.
  • Create Surveys

    Simple questions or complex survey logic, ARCS can help you author and deploy surveys on multiple modes.
  • Extendable Data Platform

    The ARCS architecture is designed to add and extend data points as your business needs grow.
  • Project Management

    Manage marketing research projects, participation, incentives, and resource allocation within a single platform.