Automatically recruit participants through web, mobile or IVR and qualify them for any study with our integrated tools. Panel recruitment is handled your way, with minimal effort and minimal labor without the use of recruiters or phone rooms. ARCS® helps you engage with your participants until the study is filled with the best possible candidates to provide viable, data-driven results.

Optimize the Journey of Your Research Participants

The ARCS Panel Analyzer feature allows for consistent tracking of recruitment metrics, which is crucial in gathering targeted insights across your participant’s journey. With ARCS, you have the ability to quickly learn how your recruited participants respond to different communication modes and understand how rewards impact participation rates. You will also have the power to learn how demographic profiles directly correlate to specific interests and product feedback. Our ARCS platform offers accurate and timely analytics that maximize research panel utilization.

Leverage the Power of Social Media

Your potential participants are on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc.) every day. ARCS integrates with your existing social media network so you can target, find, and recruit the ideal participants for your surveys, product testing, and focus groups. Participants can connect to ARCS through "Join Now" buttons or direct study links from any of your social media sites.

Reward Your Panel for Participation

In addition to a powerful incentive management framework, ARCS now incorporates a fully integrated and full-featured incentive management system: ARCS Pay. Rewards Administrators can now access a complete set of management, control, and reporting functionality. Participants can login to a self-serve portal and cash out a variety of rewards earned. Learn more about how ARCS Pay can improve your reward management.

Empower Your Team to Succeed

Empower team members in your organization to make decisions with real-time data. Reports and alerts are tailored to users and what they need to know, while excluding information that is not pertinent to their role in your research operation. Use ARCS Alert Management to quickly send out notifications to users when certain thresholds or panel goals are reached.

Recruit Research Study Participants

When it comes to uncovering how to efficiently recruit participants for a research study in the modern digital age, the secrets lie within the software. Utilizing an all-in-one mobile-friendly platform for panel recruitment, social media integration, and participation incentives is essential to grow quickly and effectively. Considering your market sector and the competition, ARCS offers researchers the tools and technologies to encourage research participation and quickly screen, recruit or collect data for all of your research projects.

Since 1987, Marketing Systems Group has been on a mission to provide members of the research community with innovative products, services, and marketing solutions to improve the efficiency and overall effectiveness of their research studies. With our highly-adaptable ARCS platform, our customers are assured they will consistently receive accurate results.