The ARCS® panel management platform is software designed to allow you to easily recruit, manage, and reward your in-house panel. Proper management of your market research panel allows you to effectively gain insights and build a community of engaged participants to help you solve your research challenges.

Recruiting Participants

With the ability to design your own custom "Join Now" profile, ARCS allows you to recruit participants through multiple platforms. Whether it be a link on your website, social media links, or email blasts to a custom list, ARCS has built in options to handle it all. You can also analyze how different recruitment sources perform through the comprehensive reporting tools available within the platform. With ARCS you can find the right candidates for your panel, screen them, schedule them for a study, and increase panel engagement all through a mobile-first platform. In today’s digital age, offering your panelists an easy-to-navigate mobile interface to keep them engaged in each study is essential for operational efficiency.

Tracking Panel Growth

With MSG's research panel management software, as members enroll in your panel, you can set metrics within the platform to track your panel growth results. ARCS allows you to monitor the participants recruited to the database and evaluate engagement and participation rates. Our ARCS research platform gives you the power to communicate quickly and efficiently with your participants. From a management standpoint, you will have access to real-time insights which can be integrated into your research panel strategy.

Panelist Portal

ARCS research platform provides a feature-rich participant portal that allows your panel members to update and edit their personal information, enabling it to stay current. With our research management software you can create profile sections as well as reward members for updating their profiles. Whether you would like to reward panelists in the form of products, points, or even gift cards, ARCS software has the ability to automate the task of reward management while offering full control to your recruitment team. After a participant is recruited, they have the ability to view and change their schedule, sign up for new studies, and view their participation and payment history.

The ARCS community module allows you to create quick polls, discussion boards, and community walls to collaborate with your panel. The participant portal can be fully branded to reflect the look and feel of your web assets.

With a platform that is customizable to your specific market needs and panel recruitment strategy, ARCS offers both flexibility and reliability across the board to improve efficiencies in your panel management operations, leading to valuable results and an improved ROI.

Olà Visitor Management

Olà is an add-on visitor management solution that enhances the ARCS platform, allowing the front desk to be one of the most efficient points in your company. With enhanced quota management, customizable branding, visitor badges and more, Olà allows you to track the details of all visitor activities from a centralized location. No more messy spreadsheets and trackers. Learn more about how Olà can improve your processes.