The more you know about your participants, the more efficient and productive your online panel can be. Every touchpoint, everything you learn about your panelists when they qualify for a project, and every detail of their participation must be tracked, monitored, and analyzed to get the most from your panel. All of this and more is possible with Marketing Systems Group’s revolutionary survey and panel management software.

Identify Panel Participants

ARCS® research platform helps you identify and target participants based on profile data, answers to specific screener questions, and their previous participation history. Additionally, ARCS panel software also manages their contact history to prevent "panel burn". The target profile data points include but are not limited to:

  • Extensive product and brand history for each panelist
  • Trackable individual selection criteria or testing limitations (e.g. allergies)
  • Participation history from previous studies
  • Customer survey responses
  • Training and orientation history
  • Demographic and psychographic variables

Invite Research Participants

ARCS allows your participants to control how you contact them. You can have ARCS panel software reach out to your participants via email, SMS, IVR, or through your recruiters to engage with them and schedule your studies. Use ARCS to personalize emails and merge them with templates to create an engaging experience for your online panel communications.

Screen & Update Participant Profiles

The ARCS research platform enables you to create custom screeners using the included questionnaire building software and integrate the data collected with the participant's profile. All customer survey data collected is available to search, sort and be used as selection criteria for up-coming studies. Keeping your participant data up to date is easy and secure with ARCS questionnaire building tools.

Quota Management

With ARCS Quota Balancing, you take control of sample validity. From simple to complex quotas, ARCS panel management can help you define and manage your recruitment goals. You can set these controls at the study level or even enforce them at the session level to get a granular look at how research / survey participants are recruited. Your staff has quick and easy access to study quota information for all of your on-going projects.

Questionnaire Builder

In addition to creating screening questions, the integrated ARCS Questionnaire Builder software helps you create complex surveys. Some of the key features include:

  • Copy (clone) existing questionnaires
  • Create a survey library
  • Link to any existing data point on the panel
  • Create questions based on demographics or defined by other data
  • Create and manage complex branching logics
  • Preview questionnaires
  • Support multiple languages
  • Pipe answers
  • Support custom variables
  • Manage quotas
  • Optimize design flow and questionnaire script

Without any rewriting or additional coding, ARCS "mobile-ready" questionnaire builder offers surveys that render efficiently on smartphones and tablets as well as traditional web browsers. This platform provides maximum flexibility for survey participants and panelists, regardless of what mobile OS is being used – Apple iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile.