One-size-fits-all never does. That's where we come in. MSG's Sampling Enhancement services improve the productivity of any list, lowering your costs and saving time.

Improve Landline Sample Efficiency with Elevate and CSS

Elevate identifies and purges nonproductive landline telephone numbers on any list, whether client provided or randomly generated sample. It is a fully automated process which greatly reduces turnaround time. Elevate also pre-identifies landline phone numbers that have been ported to cellular*1 and ensures full compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Elevate was developed to process telephone numbers in the 50 US states and DC.

CSS is MSG's premier attended screening process for landline telephone samples. The process removes all listed business numbers and dials the remaining sample to screen out non-working, non-listed business, and ported cellular telephone numbers. Depending on the sample, CSS can remove up to 85% of the non-productive numbers in your file.

*1 Requires subscription to the WDNC list.

Reduce the Cost of Dialing Cell Phones

Cell-WINS is a non-intrusive, real-time screening process that identifies inactive telephone numbers within cellular sample. This can reduce data collection costs by up to 20%.

Cell-WINS was first designed to identify and purge non-productive numbers from cellular sample frames and has since become instrumental in decreasing call center expenses associated with TCPA compliance. The results can be further refined to improve efficiency, coverage and response rates. The process includes a "Device Detection" component that identifies cellular numbers associated with non-answerable devices. These may include devices such as tablets, security systems, vehicles, etc. This enables researchers to exclude phone numbers that will never be answered.

Additionally, Cell-WINS will identify cellular numbers that for any reason have become temporarily disconnected. Researchers can prioritize their calling schedule by focusing on records with definitive dispositions first without excluding viable records.

List Enhancements

All too often researchers must work with imperfect lists. Adding or updating critical information to a list can help you reach the right respondents more efficiently. MSG offers:

Cellphone Identification - This process assists with TCPA compliance when dialing cellular telephone numbers. It identifies ported cell phone numbers and cell phones that originate from thousand blocks dedicated to cellular service so they can be dialed manually.
Cellular Block Flagging – Flag any record that originates from a cellular dedicated block of phone numbers.
Cellular Billing Zip Append - Cell phone area codes may not match their geographic location. Appending the billing zip code to a file of cell phone numbers will improve sample accuracy and productivity.
Wireless Do-Not-Call (WDNC) Identification - Any wireline phone number that has been ported to wireless can be identified on a custom basis by just sending us your file to check. A WDNC license is required and available through MSG (an official iconectiv license reseller).
VOIP Flagging – MSG maintains a quarterly database of thousand blocks dedicated to servicing VOIP phones in the landline frame. These blocks are still considered wireline (not wireless), so identifying them is crucial in increasing efficiency.
Forward Match - When provided address, we can append name and phone number (landline and cell).
Reverse Match - When provided phone number, we can append name and address.
Geo-coding - By appending latitude, longitude and census geography, respondents may be pinpointed more accurately.
Demographics Appending - HH Demographics can be appended to a file, allowing for shorter surveys by limiting demographic questions.