Address Based Sample (ABS) are samples of Postal Addresses. The ABS sampling frame is built using the USPS Computerized Delivery Sequence File (CDS), which MSG licenses. The ABS frame contains over 135 million residential addresses covering nearly 100% of all households in the US. The CDS file contains a variety of address types including city, rural, PO boxes, seasonal, vacant and drop points. Additionally, MSG appends geocodes from Census data to increase productivity. The resulting sample frames can be defined at any level of Census or Postal geography from Census Block up to National. Additional household level characteristics can be appended to the selected ABS sample such as name, phone, and age/gender of head of household among others. Targeted ABS combine address types and specific demographic targets to achieve the optimal sampling frame for your project.

MSG will work with you to make sure we completely understand your sample requirements. Sample will be drawn to your specifications, while ensuring representation. You will receive the complete mailing address (in both fielded and standardized formats) as well as all postal-related variables, including carrier route. Each address is geo-coded with Census Block and latitude/longitude coordinates.

Address based sampleing can be purchased by contacting one of our account representatives or through our online real-time application Virtual GENESYS.