Marketing Systems Group has been offering sample design, data collection design, and sample generation services to the research community for over 30 years. Our cadre of seasoned statisticians and survey research specialists are supported by the mandate we started out with, to deliver quality, value, and excellence in what we do and to continue to be at the cutting edge of relevant technologies. We are at the forefront of developing sampling methods that are representative, statistically sound, and highly efficient.

Operating as a research partner with our clients, we provide a wide range of technical services, including:

Sample frame design consultation and related activities for both simple and complex projects.
Sample selection for complex designs that employ disproportionate stratification, clustering, and/or probability proportional to size (PPS) selection methods.
Post-field data enhancement procedures such as imputation of missing data, calculation of survey weights, and design-proper variance estimations.
Analysis of weighted survey data that reflect design features along with advanced analytics for data mining, statistical modeling, and design of experiments.