Listed Household (LHH) Sample is a telephone and address sample drawn from commercial consumer databases licensed by MSG. These databases contain a wealth of household level characteristics and demographics including household composition (age, gender, race/ethnicity), income and others. Listed Household samples can be targeted by demographics as well as a wide range of geography, from census block to national.

MSG licenses multiple commercially available databases and removes duplicates to create the optimal sampling frame. We then draw a representative sample to your specifications. You get the benefit of using multiple databases, with scientific sampling methodologies to ensure the highest quality sample for your project. Listed Household (LHH) samples include telephone number, household address, plus county-based geographic variables including FIPS, CBSA, and DMA codes.

Improve the efficiency of a listed household sample with Elevate, Marketing Systems Group’s automated screening process. Elevate saves time spent dialing nonproductive landline telephone numbers by eliminating them from your listed household file.

Listed household sample can be purchased by contacting one of our account representatives or through our online real-time application Virtual GENESYS.