GENESYS is a suite of sample solutions for commercial, social science, government and public opinion researchers. Among our many offerings are cellular, landline, address, online, and voter sample data. We also offer additional data enhancements including screening, weighting, custom data analysis, consulting, and geodemographic services.

Our sampling tools provide:

  • Real Time Generation – Sample requests are submitted to run immediately.
  • Accuracy – Sample frames are updated on an ongoing basis and all orders are subjected to rigorous quality control.
  • Flexibility – Choose from many different demographic and/or geographic criteria, as well as multi mode solutions.
  • Full Service Support – Expert support at every stage of your project.
  • Virtual GENESYS – Anytime/anywhere access using our online sample generation platform.
We have the experts. MSG's team of statistical sampling experts will help you design a sample that meets the strictest requirements to ensure your data is accurate, defensible, and appropriate for your project. Sample design services also include imputation to adjust for missing data. about our high quality sample solutions and demographic data.

MSG provides high quality sample solutions and demographics to researchers, including commercial sample solutions that draw from address based samples, listed household samples, customer cell samples, customer database samples, postal address samples, and voter registration database samples.

In addition, a wide range of precision demographic data can be applied to projects. Not only are addresses, landlines, and cell samples at your disposal, MSG also provides online methods of access, such as the consumer email lists sample.

Address based samples (ABS) - Based on the USPS computerized deliveries database. They combine address types and specific demographic data targets that optimize the sampling frame derived from USPS computerized deliveries. Listed household samples are drawn from commercial consumer databases. Telephone and Address samples can be targeted with demographics, as well.

Cell samples - MSG pulls customer cell samples from hundreds of public and proprietary data sources, which are updated monthly. These customer cell samples can be drawn for one or multiple cell phone numbers per household. Each record includes demographic data that can be geocoded. Consumer email list samples are also available.

Commercial sample solutions - While consumers are often a target for the sampling industry, sometimes businesses must be sampled for a given project, as well. MSG’s commercial sample solutions draw from a comprehensive set of commercial business sources, opening a window to access most businesses in the United State across categories such as size, sales volume, location type, industry, and more. MSG can perform spatial data analysis for business and government sectors, too. Spatial data analysis encompasses impact studies, competitive intelligence, market research, site selection, and suitability studies.

Flexible enhancements - These days, modern researchers require quality sample solutions that are variable from the ground-up, depending on researcher need and other factors. Mixed contact methods (phone, mail, and online) are desirable because they maximize survey response rates and deliver more representative samples. A blended approach such as this will incorporate customer database samples, consumer email database, and postal address samples. MSG’s enhanced multi frame samples utilize properly integrated sampling frames without duplication of individual respondents.

Voter registration data - Another optional sample solution is the voter registration database sample. MSG draws from regularly updated voter records from election boards, clerks, and registrars. Samples can be tied to demographic data, geographic data, and voter specific variables.

Demographic data solutions - Quality surveys depend on robust demographic data options. MSG’s sample solutions are built to make demographics an integral component. Demographic report functionality can be matched to geographic data, too. Demographic reports use provided address, geography or geographic coordinates to produce demographic characteristics for a designated area of interest. A variety of geographical methods can be used in demographic reports, such as radius, drive time, geo-within-geo, and more.

Geocoding - To pinpoint respondents with accuracy, MSG’s geocoding feature is at your disposal. Geocoding lets you append latitude, longitude and census geography to a record.

Today's researcher demands sample solutions that are both intuitive and accessible. With MSG’s Virtual Genesis, researchers have access to a cloud-based application and a common user interface for ease of use in selecting type of sample desired, all at a competitive price point.

The GENESYS suite excels at offering all types of survey researchers specialized access to a wide variety of sample solutions with custom enhancements. Each and every research project is unique. With MSG’s expertise and decades of experience on your side, you can match particular research needs to the proper sample frame and demographic data to help you achieve efficient, cost-effective, quality results.