Today’s world is a fast-paced digitally connected environment where people have many touchpoints across multiple devices. Being able to accurately contact consumers on cellular devices is crucial in a research organization’s operational efficiency.

MSG has developed a new Advanced Cellular Frame that pulls on enriched data sources used in today’s fast-paced digital world. Data sources such as those used in identity authentication and validation of digital transactions, feed into ongoing updates of the Advanced Cellular Frame. These data sources are continuously updated and corroborated daily using over 200 authoritative sources. Accurately relating cellular telephone numbers to names and addresses has always been a challenge. With these new data sources, MSG’s Advanced Cellular Frame now has information for over 90 percent of all assigned cellular telephone numbers in the US. Using the cellular RDD frame as the base, name, address, geography, and some demographics are appended to each cellular telephone number, where available and permissible (not restricted). The data used in the construction of the enhanced cellular frame is both CCPA and GDPR compliant.

Because it includes both listed and RDD frames, opportunities for customization include:

  • Create true split frame sample designs (listed and not listed). Split frames provide the best chance to include a probability of selection for nearly every cellular telephone in a target geography.
  • Create sample frames targeting specific geographies, including in-ward and out-ward migration populations.
  • Select samples based on a variety of criteria: presence of name, address, geography (to Census Block and ZIP4), demos, pre-paid flag, and more.
  • Pre-paid cell phones can be sampled separately.
  • Select and append options available for every variable.
  • Links Advanced Cellular Frame to MSG Rate Center geography.

Because the Advanced Cellular database includes both frames (Listed and RDD), it provides us the opportunity to create true split frame sample designs (listed and not listed). We also have the ability to create sample frames that target specific geographies and include the in-ward migration population. In-ward migration are the people with cellular telephone numbers that are tied back to a different geography based on rate center or area code but have since physically moved elsewhere in the country.

The listed cellular frame contains a mixture of records with name, address, geography, and demographics. The vast majority of the listed records contain both name and address and most have some demographics. We have flexibility in selecting samples based on a variety of criteria, including presence of name, address, geography (down to the Census Block and ZIP4), demos, pre-paid flag, etc.

Now more than ever, your cellular frame must keep up with today’s constantly changing environments. Contacting the correct respondent with the right data is paramount. Using the wrong data puts your efforts and your brand at risk. For greater accuracy and efficiency, go with the Advanced Cellular Frame. Contact an MSG representative today to discover its benefits.