Good decisions can never be based on bad data. Scientific rigor really does matter. Let our experts help you to find the right balance that minimizes total survey error.

In commercial settings, key decision makers require empirical guidelines that will actually improve operations in a measurable fashion. In non-commercial environments, on the other hand, reliable data is needed to produce defensible prevalence estimates for policy decisions. Either way, decisions cannot be made based on raw data of unknown quality. It is from this perspective that scientific surveys play an integral role in providing reliable guidelines.

Delivering measurable impact requires actionable intelligence, the foundation to which is reliable input data. Our survey design consultation services are positioned to help clients start off on the right foot to successfully traverse through the four major milestones along the path to impact.

Impact Chart

Marketing Systems Group provides consulting services for every step of the survey research process, from design and selection of samples to data collection and subsequent inferential analysis. Thanks to decades of experience with all forms of survey and market research projects, we know that generating impact takes a lot more than simply starting with a representative sample. Virtually all scientific surveys are designed and conducted with the underlying goal of minimizing the total survey error. Under this comprehensive framework, as depicted in the following figure, each component of error receives proper attention, since with imbalanced focus on any particular source of error, other error components will gain opportunities to propagate, creating weak links in the survey process.

Total Survey Error