PRO-T-S is the first and only Predictive Dialer designed specifically for the survey research environment. Our dialer easily integrates with a call center’s interviewers, CATI systems, and telephone operations to work with current data collection processes and legacy software applications. Our predictive dialing system features seamless connectivity to numerous CATI systems, one of the major stumbling blocks for other predictive dialers.

Increased savings, improved compliance, and better reliability means more value for you. Better response rates and increased dialing efficiency means more value delivered to your clients. Plus, our deep understanding of the survey research industry means that we work effortlessly with your operations and your staff to get the job done.

  • Increases interviewer talk time.
  • Low abandonment rates.
  • Predicts dialing outcome – not future availability of interviewers.
  • Predictive algorithm operates and adjusts in real-time.
  • Designed to stay within research guidelines and limitations.

Marketing Systems Group will work with your IT staff and your enterprise networking and telephony solutions provider to develop the optimal call center services to meet your needs.