Transferring inbound calls to your predictive dialing system wastes time and risks losing valuable respondents. PRO-T-S Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) capability lets you accept calls directly into your predictive dialer, handling inbound studies with ease and efficiency. Callers are automatically routed to available interviewers using our call transfer module.

Inbound surveys require call centers to respond at a moment's notice, and quickly connect interviewer and respondent. With our Inbound ACD, you can transfer calls to keep interviewers fully productive, with all the functionality of your outbound calls.

  • Support for running multiple inbound studies simultaneously.
  • Definable Calling Hour Windows.
  • Automatic queuing of callers (when interviewers are not available).
  • Customizable messages and music on hold by study for callers waiting in queue or outside hours of operation.
  • Interviewers can perform warm transfer to outside party; functions include hold, pickup and conferencing of all parties.
  • Supervisory monitoring of calls.
  • Complement of supervisory screens for monitoring system status.
  • Complement of reporting functions including service level.