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MARKETING SYSTEMS GROUP is a leading global provider of technology, services, and information solutions customized for the survey, sensory and marketing research community. For more than thirty years, MSG has been investing in people and technology to meet the evolving needs of a dynamic industry. Our track record speaks for itself — a rich legacy providing the world's leading market research companies with online survey tools for research and panel management software.

MSG offers full-service online qualitative and quantitative research software, global sampling capabilities, and market research intelligence. We provide our customers with quality sampling data and hard-to-reach respondents. MSG also offers a package of expert tools that go beyond sampling, including comprehensive list enhancement products, innovative automated feedback and panel management software, a state of the art predictive dialing telephony system, and a full suite of geographic information services.

Our experts are committed to delivering quality results for our clients — an ideal mix of know-how, experience, service, and innovation to make research more accessible and more responsive. With the user-friendly online survey tools for research offered by MSG, your sample strategies can be implemented quickly and efficiently, and most importantly, they will deliver the desired results.

Staffed by survey researchers and innovators, we pride ourselves in creating needed solutions.

Take your sampling research to the next level with GENESYS Sampling Solutions.
Quality research is dependent on asking the right people the right questions. GENESYS offers a wide selection of superior research based sampling solutions and services. From various offline and online sampling options and expert consulting, to the world’s first in-house, web-based sample design and generation systems, we have the years of experience and expertise to help you deliver the best solution for your next sampling project.

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Automated Feedback and Panel Management done the right way. ARCS® integrates recruitment, scheduling, survey data collection, and custom reporting (using multiple touch points). This set of tools, including a multimode survey builder, are the perfect solution for sensory research, playtest research, product evaluation, qualitative facilities, focus groups, and employee feedback. Identify and schedule participants faster and at a lower cost. Regardless of what your participant engagement needs may be, the ARCS research platform is the solution for you.

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Increase Call Center results with PRO–T-S.
This is the first Predictive Dialing System optimized for survey research and a global leader in research seats. Improve data collection and increase interviewer productivity and completion rates, without sacrificing standards. PRO-T-S® features seamless connectivity to CATI systems and study-selectable dialing modes, and is scalable to your phone room needs. Examine the role PRO-T-S® can play in your phone center now.

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Our historical industry expertise coupled with our comprehensive marketing research online survey tools, allow you to quickly identify and effectively communicate with your target audience.

Over the past three decades, Marketing Systems Group has led the survey, sensory, and marketing research industry, through our innovative products and by meeting and exceeding the expectations of our valued customers.