GIS & Services

Map A

A 25 mile radius from the centroid of Billings, MT provides a local government agency with up-to-date population and household counts for ZIP code areas within the 25 mile area.

Map B

This Miami map with zip codes shows median household income.

Reports & Maps

Reports and maps provide valuable insight about the characteristics of your target geography. These essential tools will help you make informed business decisions.

Our data sources, including demographics, census and postal geographies are updated periodically throughout the year to provide you with the most up-to-date data available.

  • Reports and maps are available as standalone products or can be bundled together at a discounted price.
  • Enhance any report by adding additional demographic or geographic variables from any of our available datasets.
  • Multiple orders of the same report type can be provided individually or aggregated into a single report.

Suburban Sampling

Without clearly defined suburban areas by the Census, sampling has previously been limited to an urban or rural approach. Marketing Systems Group has developed a methodology that accurately defines three levels of geography zones surrounding the urban core (primary city) of each urbanized area. These three distinct zones are classified as: S1-Inner Suburbs, S2-Mid Suburbs and S3-Outer Suburbs. Learn more about sampling suburban geography.


Demographic reports. Provide an address, geographic area, or set of geographic coordinates to generate a report on the demographic characteristics of any geography or coverage area related to your location of interest. Choose from a variety of coverage area types: Distance Radius, Drive Time, custom defined areas, geo-within-geo, and much more.

Batch reports. Need to order multiple reports at the same time? Not a problem. There is no limit to the number of records we can’t handle. We specialize in high volume orders and offer a variety of batch reporting options. See our pricing guide for more details.


Custom Mapping. We can produce basic and advanced-level density and territory maps catered to your needs. Large-scale maps are also available.

Pre/Post Mapping. Not sure what your target geography looks like? We’ll map your potential target area before you order the report. Then send your study results back to us and we’ll deliver a detailed map of those results.

Suitability mapping and modeling. Seeking the ideal location for a new retail site? Looking for the best location for a new highway? MSG applies the latest spatial modeling methods for land use and site suitability studies.

Competitive Advantages

High volume orders with quick turn-around times.  MSG’s team of geo-demographers and data scientists know how to handle large-scale jobs and turn them around quickly.

Expert consulting. Our team has over 25 years of combined expertise in GIS / Data Science, Demography, Spatial Analysis. We specialize in Ad-Hoc GIS solutions. We understand that each order has unique requirements and tailor every solution.

Up-to-date information. We update street data twice a year, as often as possible in the industry. If the data exists, we have it.

Cost-efficient Mapping. Because we use in-house licensing and software, our mapping services are cost-effective and efficient for any project.

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