Landline Random-Digit Dial (RDD) Samples

What is Landline RDD?

Landline RDD sample is a telephone sample which is randomly generated within residential area code and exchanges. These exchanges are further restricted to 100-series banks known to contain households. The landline RDD database contains all residential landline exchanges in the country. RDD samples can be defined by a variety of geographies, including ZIP Codes and Counties on up to National geography. Additionally, each exchange contains a demographic profile reflective of the area it serves. This provides the ability to target specific demographic segments of the population within the geographic sample frame.

RDD samples will contain working, non-working, unassigned, and some business telephone numbers but it also insures each household in the frame has an equal probability of selection.

How do I get Landline RDD?

Landline RDD samples can be purchased in a variety of ways, including contacting one of our account representatives via e-mail or telephone or through our web-based real-time application Virtual GENESYS.

What do I get?

Landline RDD samples include telephone number along with a number of county based geographic variables including FIPS, CBSA, and DMA codes.

What more can I do with Landline RDD?

Landline RDD samples can be run through our attended screening service. A number of screening options are available including IDPlus and CSS. Both screening options will screen out non-productive numbers (business and non-working) and CSS will identify landlines that have been ported to cellular telephones.