Telephone Samples

Separate Sample Frames consisting of RDD Landline, RDD Cellular, Listed Households, and Businesses (Business to Business).

Geo-Demographic Services

Full array of services including geo-coding, mapping, custom geographic frame designs, demographic data and reports, Census 2010 info, and more.

Screening Services

The only attended screening service that accurately identifies non-working and business telephone numbers within a residential telephone sample.

List Enhancements & Database Matching

Custom list enhancements including name/address append, phone append, demographic append, and geo-coding.



GENESYS Statistical Sampling Solutions

GENESYS Sampling is the market research industry's preferred statistical sampling software. It is the first and only in-house and Web-based survey sample design and generation system. The system enables you to generate the highest quality samples at the lowest possible cost. GENESYS products are also available on a custom order basis.


Virtual GENESYS is a web based application that provides access to a suite of sampling solutions. Address-based samples and Telephone samples, including Landline RDD, Cellular RDD, and Listed Household samples, can be selected anytime day or night. Virtual GENESYS is an intuitive real-time application and a valuable tool for today’s researcher. All sample requests are processed as soon as orders are placed and users receive an email and a link to our portal to retrieve their sample once they are completed.

Practical Imputation of Missing Data

Missing data are among the most persistent challenges encountered in survey and market research, and can negatively impact the research conducted. On the one hand, records with missing data items are often omitted from analyses – a compromise that decreases the effective sample size and exposes the results to bias. On the other, for reports and presentations, missing data have to be declared as such – another compromise that undermines the credibility of research. However, in spite of these implications many researchers often shy away from imputation due to concerns for resource limitations.

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