Cellular Random-Digit Dial (RDD) Sample

What is Cellular RDD?

Cellular RDD sample is a telephone sample which is randomly generated within thousand series blocks (first seven digits) dedicated to providing cellular service. The Cellular RDD database contains all cellular-dedicated thousand series blocks in the country. Cellular RDD samples can be defined by a variety of geographies, including area code, state, and national geography. Cellular RDD samples will contain working, non-working and unassigned numbers but it also insures each telephone number has an equal probability of selection.

How do I get Cellular RDD?

Cellular RDD samples can be purchased in a variety of ways, including contacting one of our account representatives via e-mail or telephone or through our web-based real-time application Virtual GENESYS.

What do I get?

Cellular RDD samples include telephone number along with a handful of variables including FIPS and time zone.