GENESYS is a suite of sample solutions for commercial, social science, government and public opinion researchers. Among our many offerings are telephone, address, online, and voter sample data. We also offer additional data enhancements including screening, weighting, custom data analysis, consulting, and geodemographic services.

Our sampling tools provide:

  • Real Time Generation – Sample requests are submitted to run immediately.
  • Accuracy – Sample frames are updated on an ongoing basis and all orders are subjected to rigorous quality control.
  • Flexibility – Choose from many different demographic and/or geographic criteria, as well as multi mode solutions.
  • Full Service Support – Expert support at every stage of your project.
  • Virtual GENESYS – Anytime/anywhere access using our online sample generation platform.

Over 30 years in business – dependable experience serving the market and survey research industry. We have the experts. MSG's team of statistical sampling experts will help you design a sample that meets the strictest requirements to ensure your data is accurate, defensible, and appropriate for your project. Sample design services also include imputation to adjust for missing data.