The PRO-T-S researchPredictive module has been designed from the ground up for the survey research call center environment. Our unique dialing algorithm is engineered to maximize interviewer talk time, minimize abandonment and operate within research and regulatory guidelines.

Increases in interviewer productivity are a direct function of many variables including questionnaire length, incidence, sample efficiency, connect rate and dialing mode. In addition, factors such as the number of interviewers actively working on a survey, sample availability, acceptable levels of call abandonment, and response rate all influence actual productivity at any time.


  • Increases interviewer talk time
  • Low abandonment rates
  • Predict dialing outcome – not future availability of interviewers
  • Predictive algorithm operates and adjusts in real-time
  • Designed to stay within research guidelines and limitations

PRO- T-S is the first computer-assisted dialing and interviewer management system created specifically for survey research environments. Because PRO-T-S can integrate with multiple CATI systems simultaneously, the efficiencies realized by using our unique dialing algorithm can be seen throughout your entire organization.