IVR Integration

By combining the ARCS® IVR data collection system's powerful set of survey tools for self-completion interviewing with improved PRO-T-S® dialing productivity for live interviewers using various CATI systems, research companies can easily accomplish multi-mode interviewing.

In a multi-mode survey, the process starts the same as for a standard live interview:

  • At some point in the CATI survey, PRO-T-S® receives a request to transfer the respondent to the ARCS® IVR system to complete the interview, freeing the interviewer to take another call.
  • Data from the live portion of the interview can be passed to the ARCS® IVR system and used during the automated portion of the survey.

This allows the live interviewer to do what they do best - obtain the cooperation of the respondent, and lets the ARCS® IVR system do what it does best - deliver a consistent, unbiased interview.

Generation I of the ARCS/PRO-T-S integration is available now. Generation II will include a combined telephony platform for PRO-T-S® and ARCS® and several advanced telephony features.

Aside from the ARCS® IVR data collection system, PRO-T-S® has also integrated with other IVR systems to provide seamless connectivity.