VoIP/Interfaces to VoIP

PRO-T-S® has provided interfaces from the simple onsite connection to a carrier's IP gateway - all the way up to connections to the Asterisk® PBX - a very popular open source VoIP PBX. More complex interfaces to vendors such as the Cisco PBX’s have also been done.

PRO-T-S® utilizes the Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) for VOIP communications across the network. The G.711 codec is the primary codec for the system, but support of the much less bandwidth intensive G.729a codec is also available. Note that the G.729a codec is utilized on a more limited basis due to its much more demanding system resource requirements to use. Because the G.729a is a proprietary compression codec, there can be additional costs when using this codec as well as undesirable audio artifacts on calls.

SIP connections to providers are also typically done using the G.711 codec due to its clarity and almost universal acceptance. And, all calls done utilizing SIP on PRO-T-S® are converted by the Dialogic software to ISDN type outcomes for ease of analysis and reporting.