PRO-T-S® Features

PRO-T-S® Facts

  • No other dialer vendor has our background and experience in survey research.

    MSG is the dialer vendor to many major US governmental research organizations.

    MSG currently integrates with six leading CATI systems and plans to interface with other CATI systems.

    PRO-T-S® is built on industry-leading Dialogic telephony hardware and software.


PRO-T-S® integrates your interviewers, CATI systems and telephony operations. It readily works with your current data collection processes and legacy software applications. PRO-T-S® is a researchPredictive dialing system specifically designed for survey research. It features seamless connectivity to numerous CATI systems, offers study-selectable dialing modes, and is scalable to your phone room needs.

  • Predictive dialing increases savings on all surveys
  • Call recording improves quality assurance and added value to your customers
  • Audio monitoring delivers compliance and quality
  • PRO-T-S® lets you mix dialing modes to suit your survey type
  • Can be installed in new or legacy sites and linked to most phone systems
  • Proven uptime. Reliable, tried and tested
  • Integrates with CfMC, Confirmit, DASH, Sawtooth, SPSS/Quancept & Others

How PRO-T-S® is different from other dialers?

Marketing Systems Group (MSG) will work with your existing IT staff and enterprise networking and telephony solutions provider to develop a dialer architecture that will best match your particular infrastructure. If networking and telephony engineering resources are required beyond what you currently have available, MSG will work with the company of your choice to help develop the final enterprise solution.