DSM Plus is a collection of software applications used to manage audio files recorded by Pro-T-S®. Once collected, these audio recordings are categorized by study and inter­viewer and are made available to the DSM Plus Web Appli­cation. Some of the features provided by DSM Plus include:

Audio File Playback and Scoring - Audio files collected from Pro-T-S® can be selected for playback, and the interviewers can be rated for quality control pur­poses in the DSM Plus Web Application.

Report Generation - Create de­tailed reports at the application, study or interviewer level.

DSMPlus Dashboard - Get an at-a-glance overview of DSM Plus’ performance showing study, interviewer and supervisor activity.

Publishing - Publish a selec­tion of audio recordings in a zip file for download off of the web application.

Archiving - Studies that are no longer in use can be archived to conserve disk space.

DSM Plus Web Application - This application allows users to listen and optionally evalu­ate and rate the interviewers for quality control. Users can publish recordings in a study to a zip file for download, burn them to a CD or DVD, or move them to another stor­age device. When publishing, either the whole recording for each interviewer can be published, or selected questions can be published.