Inbound Automatic Call Distribution

The Inbound Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) module provides PRO-T-S® users with the ability to accept calls directly into PRO-T-S®. Handle your inbound studies with ease and power:

  • Support for running multiple inbound studies simultaneously
  • Definable Calling Hour Windows
  • Interviewers log in and log out via handset to a single study or multiple inbound studies.
  • Automatic queuing of callers (when interviewers are not available)
  • Customizable messages and music on hold by study for callers waiting in queue or outside hours of operation.
  • Callers automatically routed to available interviewers
  • Customizable messages played to interviewer announcing the study for the call they are receiving.
  • Interviewers can perform warm transfer to outside party*; functions include hold, pickup and conferencing of all parties.
  • Interviewers can transfer calls to another ACD station
  • Supervisory monitoring of calls
  • Automatic recording of calls
  • Complement of supervisory screens for monitoring system status
  • Complement of reporting functions including service level
  • Accepts Full T1, Fractional T1 or Analog line capabilities

* Requires Call Transfer Module