While many industries can benefit from the system, ARCS® has specifically been designed to assist the Sensory Research and Market Research industries. However if your industry can benefit from a more efficient way of:

  • Survey panel management
  • Automating panel recruitment and response
  • Automatically recruit for consumer testing
  • Market research data collection

The ARCS® system can put you in the driver's seat

Sensory Research

  • Use ARCS® to build or supplement your panelist database
  • Completely manage your internal or consumer panelist
  • Automate your panelist recruiting process without interviewers
  • Qualify panelists
  • Offer single or multiple sessions with quota controls
  • Control participation based on panelist data

The first ARCS® system was created to provide Sensory research departments a better way to recruit consumers for central location tests.

Market Research

  • Collect data using multi-mode technologies – IVR and Web using a single questionnaire
  • Full branching and quota controls
  • Inbound and outbound capabilities
  • Fast point and click / drag-and-drop questionnaire building
  • Real-time reporting

Other Industries

  • Save time and resources by letting the ARCS® system automate and manage your consumer panelist database
  • Route calls based upon respondent input
  • Make reminder calls or let people know about up-coming events